List Products

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After creating your SmartBiz account, you can start listing your products. You can either create standalone products or variants. 

We will cover the following topics in this article:

  1. List Products
  2. Manage Inventory

Note: You will need to create a minimum of 5 listings before submitting KYC documents for enabling online payment on your storefront.

1. List products

Click on the 'Catalog' tab on the Smartbiz homepage after logging in to your account. To add a new product, click on ‘Products’ and then 'Add New Product'. Fill in the product information as follows:

1. Product Title: Add the product name for each SKU (eg. T shirt or Notebook)

2. Description: This is an optional field. You can choose to add a product description for customers. You can format the product description with our rich text editor, making it easy for your customers to view product details.

3. Images: You can add up to six product images from your image gallery or even take a new picture from your smartphone camera. You will need to upload at least one image before saving the listing. Note: Images should be less than 5 MB. We recommend that you upload square images with dimension 152 px * 152 px for best results.



4. MRP: List the maximum retail price of your product. It is mandatory to update this field.

5. Selling price: This is an optional field. Your selling price will always be equal to or less than the MRP. You can use this field to update the price at which you want to offer the product for sale, especially when you are running any discount or promotional offer.

6. Business category: Select the category of products you are selling in, e.g., wellness, beauty, clothing, home furnishing, grocery, etc. from the drop-down menu. 

7. Product category: Select the type of product you're listing depending on your business category, e.g. earrings, personal care appliances, lighting, pet food, etc. from a drop-down menu. Within each business category, you should choose the most relevant product category in order to enable customers to easily navigate your store. In case you don’t find your desired category, you can select 'general', however, it is recommended to try to find the right category in the drop down.

8. Inventory: This is an optional field. You can enter the available stock for an SKU. This way, when the inventory for a product becomes 0, it will automatically get marked as out of stock on your storefront.

9. Color: If your product is available in a particular color, you can select from a range of 40+ different color variants. You can chose to rename the color.

10. Size: If your product is available in multiple sizes, you can mention the size. This is a free text field. You can use special characters here. 

Click on Add Product after filling the details. And that’s it! If your payment modes are activated, you can start sharing your store link with customers.

You can mark a product as a best seller for your online store. Enabling this option will make the product appear before other products in the 'Bestseller' section on your storefront, showcasing the best and most popular options upfront to your online customers.

To add variants, refer the article Add Variants. 

Pro tip: You can use our AI catalog feature to assist you with listings. Navigate to 'Catalog' tab > 'Categories' > Try Easy Listing. Add the product name and upload a clear image of the product. Next, provide a few basic details of your product and click 'Save'. The AI catalog feature not only gives you the option to enhance your product image but also pre-populates a creative product description, product and business categories as well as detects the color of the product. Enter the MRP and selling price of the product and you are ready to go!



2. Manage Inventory 

If you have added inventory for an SKU, it will automatically get marked as out of stock on your storefront when inventory becomes 0. 

Note: Inventory reduces when a customer makes a successful payment on your storefront. If an order is either cancelled by the customer or rejected by you, inventory will get updated accordingly.