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What is Smartbiz?

SmartBiz by Amazon is your one-stop shop for all your online selling needs. Whether you are a small business, an entrepreneur, or a neighborhood store, you can now create your own online store within minutes and start showcasing and selling your products online. What's more is that you do not need any technical knowledge to get started online.

Who can sell using Smartbiz?

Anyone who wants to start selling online or create their own, online direct-to-consumer webstore can use Smartbiz. Whether you are a small business using social commerce, chat commerce, a home entrepreneur, a brand or an offline retailer, you can use Smartbiz to create your own online webstore.

How much does Smartbiz cost?

Currently, there is no fees or charges to set up your storefront using SmartBiz by Amazon. However, you will have to directly pay the payment partners for transaction fees and shipping partners for the services they render.

What all can I do with Smartbiz?

With the online webstore that you create for your customers using SmartBiz by Amazon, you can customize your store with exciting themes, showcase your product details (eg. images, prices), receive online payments, ship products and run promotions on whatsapp.

What products can I sell on SmartBiz?

You can sell products that are legally allowed for sale in India.