Shipping and Order Management

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What if I don’t want to offer customers in store pick-up?

You can switch off the ‘Pickup’ toggle in your Profile section in case you do not want customers to pick up their orders from the store.

What if I don’t want to offer customers home delivery?

You can switch off the ‘Delivery' toggle in your Profile section in case your store doesn't offer home delivery.

What is the default delivery fees applied to my order?

No delivery fees are applied to your orders by default. You will need to set the delivery charges by navigating to Profile > Delivery Settings > Set Delivery Fees.

How do I know if an order is in-store pick up or home delivery?

Orders will be marked as either ‘Pickup’ or ‘Delivery’ on the order summary page in ‘Your Orders’ section. Alternatively, click on ‘Delivery Details’ after opening order details to view if the order is in-store pickup/ home delivery.

How will a customer know when to pickup their order from my store?

Customers will receive an SMS once you mark an order as ‘ready for pickup’.

What do I do if a customer requests for a return/ exchange for my product?

You should offer returns and exchanges for a product in line with your store policies. For a self-shipped product, you should manage returns with your preferred courier partner. If you have used Shiprocket, you can enable return by navigating to the order ID on the returns tab on Shiprocket website.

Will customers get an automatic refund if I cancel the order?

If your payments are enabled via Razorpay, a customer will get an auto-refund if they cancel an order before you accept it. This is provided you have sufficient balance in your Razorpay nodal account. In all other cases, you will have to manually issue refunds from the Razorpay or plural dashboard.

How can I issue a refund after cancelling a shipped order?

You will have to manually issue a refund from either Razorpay or plural dashboard. In both cases, you will need to ensure that you have sufficient balance to issue refunds to customers.

Do I need a GST certificate to ship pan-Inida?

Smartbiz does not ask for a GST certificate for pan-India shipping. However, government mandates sellers to have a GST certificate for pan-India shipping. Hence, we advise you keep this handy/ apply for one.

What is Shiprocket (SR)? Is it mandatory to create an account with Shiprocket?

Shiprocket is a third-party shipping aggregator that can automatically connect you with multiple shipping service providers to help you deliver your products. Depending on your requirements, they can help you deliver your products all over India. It is not mandatory to set up a Shiprocket account – you can ship products using your own courier service.

Which email ID should I provide while configuring Shiprocket? Can I change this later?

a. All SR updates such as order pickup, delivery status, courier partner details will be sent to the email ID you provide while setting up Shiprocket. Hence, provide an email that you use frequently. Your Shiprocket email is linked to the email ID provided by you at the time of signup. You can change this email ID at the time of login.

From which address will Shiprocket pick up my orders?

By default, Shiprocket will pick up orders from the address in your store profile. If you want to add another address, from the Shiprocket website.

Where can I add/ edit/ update address for pickup?

If you want to add another address, you can do so by logging into Shiprocket website. Refer here for details.

How much balance do I need to keep in my shiprocket wallet?

Shiprocket is a pre-paid service. Therefore, in order to start using Shiprocket shipping services for delivering your online orders, you will now need to recharge your shipping wallet. SR will provide you a balance of 500 when you first setup an account. You will need to maintain a minimum balance of INR 100 hence forth.

Do I get any insurance if a product is damaged during shipment?

If the order is being shipped by a 3P courier partner from Shiprocket, there is a standard policy to cover shipment value upto a maximum of Rs. 5000 in case of damage/ loss/ dispute acceptance. If the shipment value > Rs. 5000, the seller can opt for Shiprocket Insurance which covers shipment value above 5000 and below Rs. 25,00,000 @0.87% cover charge which the seller can either enable as selective cover or blanket cover from the panel.

Can I change my order from ‘self-ship’ to ‘Shiprocket’?

Currently, we do not support this feature on our app. However, you can log in to Shiprocket and directly book your shipment. You can use the Smartbiz registered mobile number to login.

I am unable to see courier partner options under Shiprocket for my delivery address.

Your pincode may not be serviceable by Shiprocket. In such cases, we recommend that you select ‘Self-ship’ option and ship the courier via your own courier partner.

How are shipping charges determined by Shiprocket?

Largely, delivery charges for a shipment depend on – destination, delivery mode (air, surface) and weight of the product.

How do I track the status of my order?

Once shipped, you can track the status of your order by navigating to the order in ‘My orders’ tab and clicking on Track.

What happens if a Shiprocket order is not delivered in the first attempt?

For delivery, Shiprocket will attempt to deliver a parcel three times after which it will be returned to the seller. Seller will need to pay Shiprocket for the reverse charges.

My order got damaged during shipment. What should I do?

As a best practice, you should always make pre-shipping videos. You can raise a ticket on Smartbiz and provide the necessary evidence (pre-shipping videos and unboxing videos by customer).

I got a damaged product on return. What should I do?

It is strongly recommended to perform a Quality Check at the time of reverse shipment to cover any loss occurring due to wrong product received. It is also suggested to add negative POD remarks at the time of accepting the reverse shipment and share the AWB number & unpacking video at the time of raising the concern with Support.

Can I use my own delivery agent to ship an order?

Yes, you can. Click on 'Ship Order' and select 'Self Ship' option. Next, type the delivery agent's name and mobile number and click 'Continue'.

Can I use a courier service other than Shiprocket to ship an order?

Yes, you can. Click on 'Ship Order' and select 'Self Ship' option. Next, select 'Third Party Service' and enter the courier service along with tracking ID/ URL. Click 'Continue'.

For self ship orders, can I edit delivery agent or courier service details after saving them?

No, you will not be able to edit these fields later. Ensure that you have updated the correct details before saving.

I am unable to click on 'Continue' after saving adding agent/ courier service details under 'Self Ship'.

Please ensure that you have entered all fields as they are mandatory and the delivery agent's number is a valid 10 digit mobile number.