Account Setup

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1) Do I need an email ID to create an account on Smartbiz?

Yes, email ID is mandatory. If your account (old or newly created) is not linked to an email, you will be  asked to enter your email ID. You will also be asked to verify the email via OTP.


2) Can I use special characters for my store name?

No, you cannot use special characters for your store name. This is because store name is used to create your store URL and a URL cannot have special characters.


3) I am both a seller and buyer on Amazon. Which credentials do I use?

You can use either of credentials to login. Please note that mobile number linked to your Amazon account will be displayed on Storefront.


4) What should I provide as business address? Can I change this later?

You should provide the address from where customers can pick up their order. Yes, this can be edited from your profile section later.


5) What if I do not have an offline store/ business address? What address do I provide?

You should provide the address from where you will fulfill your deliveries.


6) What are business and product categories? 1) Can I change them later?

Business category is the category of products you are selling and product category is the type of product. For Example: ‘Jewelry’ is a business category and ‘earrings’ is a product category. Please note that you can edit these store categories from your profile at a later point in time.


7) Can I create multiple stores using one account?

Currently, we do not allow a seller to create multiple storefronts with one account. You will need to log out of existing account and use different credentials to create a new store.


8) Can I login to Smartbiz on my desktop?

Currently Smartbiz is a mobile app available on Android phones only. We will launch a desktop version by June end.


9) Can I edit the store policies after creating my store?

Yes, you can edit store policies after creating your store as well. You can view them in the store policies section in the Profile tab.


10) Where can I read the default store policies?

You can read the default store policies by navigating to Store Policies in your Profile section. You can add your own policies on refunds, cancellations, returns and other FAQs from this section


11) Can my employee login to the Storefront with their credentials?

Currently, multiple users cannot sign into your storefront using their credentials. However, you can share your login credentials and they can access the storefront on their own devices if necessary.


12) I do not want to display an address on my website. Can I hide the address?

You can hide your address from your Smartbiz website. Navigate to Profile and click on the edit icon next to your store name. Toggle the 'Hide Address' button and save your changes.


13) Can I change the number displayed on my storefront?

Navigate to Profile and click on the edit icon next to your store name. Enter the mobile number that you want to display on your website under 'Customer Support'. Save your changes.


14) Does the mobile number displayed on my website have to be the same as my registered mobile number?

No, the number displayed on your storefront can be different from your registered number. Ensure that the number updated on website is active so that customers can reach out to you.