Account Settings

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Can customers pick up orders from my store directly? How do I enable this?

Yes, customers can pick up their order from your store directly. Please ensure that the address added by you in the profile is the same address customers need to pick up their order from.

Can I provide home delivery to customers? How do I enable this?

Yes, you can provide home delivery to customers in India. You will need to switch on the ‘Delivery’ option in your profile and add delivery fees and radius under delivery settings

I will not be able to service orders for a while due to personal reason. How do I prevent customers from placing their orders?

You can prevent customers from placing orders on your storefront by turning off the ‘Accept Orders’ toggle in Profile section. Please note that you will need to turn it back on to start accepting orders again.

Can I configure a dynamic delivery fee depending on customer location/ quantity purchased or any other parameter?

No, currently a flat delivery fee will apply on all your orders. You can set the delivery fees from delivery settings in Profile section.

Can customers pick up their product from my store at any point in the day?

Customers can pick up the order once you have marked your order as ‘Ready for pick up’ and during your store’s operating hours. They will receive an SMS once the order is ready for pickup.

What is shipping time?

Shipping time is the time it takes for you to deliver an order to a customer. By default, shipping time is 3-5 days. You can customize shipping time from Delivery settings under Profile tab in the app.

Can I update a different shipping time for a few products or categories?

No, shipping time cannot be customized for individual products and categories. However, you have the option to enter shipping time as a range.

I am not receiving order related notifications on my Android mobile.

This is most likely becasue your mobile is in battery optimization mode. In order to receive order notifications, you will need to open 'Settings' on your mobile and navigate to 'Apps'. Provide unrestricted access for the app to run in the background when your mobile is in batter optimization mode.