Store Appearance with Themes

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How do I customize my store?

You can customize the appearance of your storefront by adding logos, headers, banners and colors. You can play around with these features and see what works best for your brand! You will find these features under store appearance in profile section.

Why is my logo/ header image pixelated after uploading the image?

Ensure that you are uploading a high-quality image. For logo, ensure that the file size does not exceed 5 MB and minimum size for the logo is 90px * 90px. For header, ensure that the file size does not exceed 5 MB and minimum width of the image is 540 px.

Why are my changes to storefront not getting saved?

In order for your changes to reflect, you will need to be connected to the internet and save changes. Without saving changes, your storefront will not get updated.

Can I see how my storefront will appear to customers?

By clicking on 'Preview' after saving your changes, you will be able to see how your storefront will appear to customers.

Can I add videos/ reels for my header or logo?

Currently you can only add images for your logo and header image.

How do I use banners? Where will they appear for my customers?

You can use banners to inform customers about important updates on your store like promotions, launch of a new store location, new product launches etc. Banners will appear at the very top of your storefront above product listings. They will appear in the order you have created them.

Can I rearrange the order of my banners?

Banners will appear on your storefront in the order that you have created them on the app. To change the order, you will need to delete the banners at the top and create them in the order that you want.