Store Name and Store Policy

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1) Can I edit my store name after setting up a store?

No, you cannot edit your store name later as this is linked to your store URL. Make sure to create the store name without any typos.


2) Why am I unable to share my store url with customers after creating my store?

You will need to set up payments and list at least 1 product in your catalog before you can share your store url with customers.


3) My store URL is too long. Can I change it?

Your store URL is linked to your store name. Once created, store name and URL cannot be changed.


4) Can I create my own store policies?

Yes, you can create & edit store policies after creating your store. You can view them in the store policies section in the Profile tab.


5) Can I edit the store policies after creating my store?

Yes, you can edit store policies after creating your store as well. You can view them in the store policies section in the Profile tab. You can edit policies related to returns, refunds, cancellations and FAQs on payments and shipping.


6) Where can I read the default store policies?

You can read the default store policies by navigating to Store Policies in your Profile section. You can add your own policies on refunds, cancellations, returns and other FAQs from this section


7) Where will customers view my store policy?

Customers will be able to view your store policies on your storefront in the ‘About Us’ section. To retain their trust, you should provide services inline with the policies on your store front.


8) I am unable to add more content to my policy after a point?

There is a 5000-character limit on every policy. Please rephrase your policy to ensure it is within the character limit. Ensure to save your policy after making changes.


9) My changes to store policies are not reflecting. What should I do?

Please ensure that you are connected to the internet. After creating a policy, save the policy. Select your new policy and not the default store policy