Whatsapp Business

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What is sell using Whatsapp? What can I do with this feature?

On Smartbiz, you can set up marketing campaigns to send promotional messages to your customers via Whatsapp. You can use these messages to promote your online webstore among your existing customers and inform them about upcoming discounts, launch of new products and collections and also encourage repeat purchases.

How do I add customers that I want to send a message to?

You can either chose to add new customers manually or bulk import contacts depending on your requirement. If you are adding customers manually, ensure to add a valid 10-digit mobile number.

Can I edit/ delete a customer contact?

Yes, you can edit and delete contact details after adding them. Please note that you will be able to edit contact details for potential customers only, not existing ones.

What are existing and potential customers? Do I need to add these contacts manually?

Existing customers are customers that have shopped from your Smartbiz store already. Potential customers are those customers that have not made a purchase from your Smartbiz store. No, you do not have to add these contacts manually. If a customer makes a purchase on your store, they will automatically move to ‘Existing Customer’ tab.

Why am I unable to see the edit icon for a few customers?

You will be able to edit contact details for potential customers only, not existing ones.

Why am I unable to import all contacts?

If a customer contact already exists in your repository, they will not get imported again. Only new contacts will get imported.

Why am I unable to add a new contact manually?

This could be due to the following reasons – (i) you have either not entered both the customer name or contact number which are mandatory fields, (ii) The mobile number entered is not a valid 10-digit phone number or (iii) The contact number already exists in your contacts repository.

How do I select a message template?

You can click on the filter icon and select a message template depending on the type of message you want to send. For example, if you want to inform new customers about a discount on apparel and jewelry categories on your store, you can select ‘New Customers’ and ‘Discounts and Offers’ under message type and ‘Apparel’ and ‘Jewelry’ under category. Click on ‘Apply’ after selecting the relevant filters

Can I edit the message template before sharing with customers?

You can only add certain inputs depending on the type of message template that you have chosen. You cannot change the message template entirely. If current message does not suit your requirement, we recommend going through other similar templates using the filter icon.

What is the monthly message statement?

The monthly message statement displays the number of messages you have successfully sent and balance messages left. You will have a monthly message limit of 100. Every message sent to a customer is counted as 1 message. For example, if you have a balance of 100 and you send a message to 40 customers of which 30 were successfully sent, your balance message limit will be 70.

What is the validity of the limit? When does it refresh? Can I carry over my balance limit?

The limit is valid for a month and gets refreshed at the start of a month. You cannot carry forward your balance to the next month.

How long does it take for my message to get delivered to customers after sending the campaign?

This could take up to a few minutes. Customers receiving the message will keep getting updated. If your campaign has finished executing, campaign status will be ‘sent’. You will be able to see the number of messages that were successfully sent, successfully read by customers and messages that failed to deliver.

Why am I unable to send messages even though I have messages in my balance?

If the customers selected by you for a given campaign exceeds your balance limit, you will not be able to send the message. Ensure that the number of customers selected is below your balance limit.

Do failed messages get added to my balance?

Yes, messages that failed to deliver get added to your balance limit.

Why have some of my messages failed to deliver?

There could be multiple reasons for this such as the customer’s whatsapp number is no longer operational, they have opted out from receiving promotional messages on whatsapp or they have marked the whatsapp account as spam.

Can I find out which customers received and read the message?

You can only see the number of messages that failed to deliver and not who those customers were. Additionally, you can see the number of customers who have read the message. This number will get updated as more customers read your message.