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Where do I track my store’s performance?

You can track important metrics related to orders and sales from the ‘Analytics Dashboard’ in your app. You can apply date and order status filters as per your requirement.

What data metrics can I view in the Orders dashboard?

You will get an overview of your total and pending orders. Pending orders are those that you are yet to accept. You can also see the daily order trend line, orders received by status and order level information. Please note that order level data shows you all orders including those that have been cancelled/ rejected/ pending.

What are the different order statuses?

An order is assigned a status depending on it’s lifecycle stage. Pending: These are orders that you need to accept or reject. Accepted: Orders that have been accepted but are not yet ready for pick up. Rejected: Orders that you have rejected. Packed: Orders that are ready for either the courier service or customer to pick up. Completed: Orders that have been successfully completed. Cancelled: Orders that you have cancelled after accepting them.

Can I view orders that customers have added to the cart but not purchased yet?

No, currently you cannot view customers who have added products to their cart. You can see data for orders/ sales that have been placed by customer irrespective of their order status.

What data metrics can I view in the Sales tab?

You can view your daily sales trend, top 5 bestseller products and their contribution to your overall sales and sales split by category.

Can I apply any filters while viewing my data?

Yes, you can filter orders and sales by date range and order status.

Why am I unable to see any data in the ‘Analytics’ tab?

Please ensure that you are connected to the internet. Additionally, you will begin to see data in the analytics tab once you receive orders from customers.

What is the controls tab?

Controls tab allows you to apply filters on the order and sales data that you want to view. You can filter order and sales data by date range and order status.

Why is the dashboard is not showing me updated orders?

Please ensure that you are connected to the internet. Data on the dashboard gets refreshed every few minutes. Please refresh the dashboard and check in a few minutes.

Why am I unable to see any data when I select ‘Next year’ in the date range?

Currently, ‘Next year’ will not show you any data. Please select a date range in the past to view order and sales level data.

Why is the data on the analytics dashboard different from the orders I have delivered to customers?

This could be due to the following reasons – 1) you may not be connected to the internet, 2) Analytics tab shows you the data for all order statuses including those that are cancelled/ rejected/ pending.

Why do I see duplicate order IDs in the ‘order level information’ tab?

You may see multiple entries for the same order. This would be the case if a customer purchased multiple products in the same order. The order value will reflect value for the entire order and not individual product purchased.