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What is Plural?

Plural is our Payment Solution Partner. They validate payment details provided by a customer and validate if there are enough funds in the customer’s account to make the payment. Post this validation, they will transfer the amount to your bank account.

What modes of payment will be set up for my online store after completing KYC?

Customers can pay via the following payment modes – Cards (Visa/Mastercard/Rupay/Discover/Amex), UPI, Net Banking, Wallets.

How do I set up online payments for my customers?

You can set up online payments for your customers by completing KYC with plural. Follow the steps as mentioned here.

Can customers pay via COD?

Currently, COD option is not enabled on our website.

What phone number do I enter in the MAF form?

You can enter any operational mobile number on the MAF form.

What url do I enter for website url and return url in the MAF form?

Your website URL and return URL will be Store name should be in small case without any spaces. For example – if your store name is Trendy Bags, your URL will be

What is return URL?

Return URL is where the customers will land after completing their online payment. It is the same as your website URL.

Where do I send my KYC documents for verification?

Share the necessary documents for KYC to keeping in cc.

How many days will it take for Pinelabs to complete KYC verification?

KYC verification will take 3-4 business days for completion.

How do I access the Pinelabs dashboard?

You will receive login credentials once you have successfully completed Pinelabs KYC. You can login to your dashboard either directly on their website or from the ‘Manage Payments’ tab in your profile section.

Does the MAF and other documents needed for KYC such as PAN, Aadhar need to uploaded in a certain format?

No, you can take a picture after signing and stamping the documents and upload them as a jpeg/ png. Alternately, you can upload the documents as a pdf.

What is website URL and return URL? Are they the same?

Website URL is URL via which your customers will land on your Smartbiz storefront. Return URL is the URL on which customers will land after completing their online payment. Yes, these are the same.

What transaction fees do I get charged on online payments? Where do I view this?

Your transaction fee will depend on the payment mode selected by the customer. You will get a detailed daily payment summary of all your orders on email from plural.

Do my customers receive an auto-refund when I cancel an order?

Auto-refunds are issued to a customer in case their transaction failed and the amount got debited from their account, In this case, they receive an auto-refund to their bank account in 3-5 business days.

How do I issue a refund on plural?

Log in to plural website with your MID, username and password. You can issue refund from selecting an order ID under transaction tab. For detailed steps, refer here.

I am getting an error when I issue refunds from plural. Why is this?

Ensure that the amount you enter is as per the value in ‘Amount’ column and not ‘Original Txn Amount’. Also ensure to enter the refund amount upto two decimal places before clicking on refund. Otherwise, you will get an error.