Bulk upload listings on desktop

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It can be cumbersome to manually create listings 1 by 1 in the app, especially if you have multiple product listings in your catalog. You can now upload listings in bulk from the convenience of your desktop with a simple excel template. 

Create bulk listings 

1. Open the URL smartbiz.amazon.in/home and login with your SmartBiz credentials.

2. Select 'Add Products' under 'Bulk Actions' and download the excel template.

3. Follow the guidelines mentioned in 'important_instructions' tab add your product listings in the 'bulk_upload_template'.

Note 1: If your listing has variants, ensure to add the variants in consecutive rows only. For the first variant, select 'Parent' under 'Variant Relationship' column and 'Child' for the remaining variants. Leaving this column empty will create a standalone product in your catalog.

Note 2: You can use https://imgur.com/upload to create image links. After uploading the image on the website, right click on the image and select 'copy image address'. Add the image link to the excel template.

4. Save the template after adding your listings. Go back to smartbiz.amazon.in/home and upload the saved excel file. Click 'Continue'.

5. In case there are any errors in the uploaded file, you will be able to download the error file and view the errors under column S 'Error messages'. Make the necessary changes and re-upload the original file.

6. It could take upto a few minutes for your listings to be uploaded successfully. You will see the below success message once the listings have been added.