Enable Cash on Delivery (COD)

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You can now enable COD payment option on your storefront and start accepting orders from your customers instantly.

In this article, we will cover:

      A. How to enable COD on your storefront?

      B. How to ship a COD order? 

      C. COD FAQs.

A. How to enable COD on your storefront?

1. Login to your SmartBiz application and navigate to Profile.

2. Click on 'Manage Payments' and select 'Setup Cash on Delivery (COD)'.

3. Toggle the COD option to ON.

4. You can setup additional charges for COD. They will be applicable for all COD orders. Ensure to save your changes. 

Congrats! Your customers can start placing COD orders on your storefront. In order to receive payments for your COD orders, you will need to complete KYC and verify your bank account details with Shiprocket, a third party offering COD services on SmartBiz. Refer Cash on Delivery KYC article for more details.

Note: You will need to activate at least one online payment method on your storefront before if you want to disable COD. Refer Payment KYC article for detailed steps on enabling online payment for your customers. 

B. How to ship a COD orders?

In order to fulfil COD orders with Shiprocket, you will need to create or link your Shiprocket account with SmartBiz. You can do this by navigating to Profile > Delivery Settings > Manage Courier Partner. For detailed steps, refer the article on Shiprocket setup.

When you receive a COD order, ship it with Shiprocket to avail COD services. Once your order has been successfully delivered, you will receive the amount in your bank account within 7-10 business days.



1.Can I disable COD after enabling it?

-Yes, you can disable COD if you have online payments integrated for your store. However, without online payment integration, you will not be able to disable COD once enabled.


2.Can I start shipping COD orders as soon as I receive them?

-Yes, you can start shipping COD orders via Shiprocket as soon as you receive them. However, to receive COD remittance, you will have to complete Shiprocket KYC. For self-shipping, we recommend you check with your courier partner about their COD shipping guidelines.


3.How will I get my COD remittance?

-To receive your COD payment, contact your courier partner to inquire about their KYC process. If you are shipping via Shiprocket and have completed your KYC, you should receive your remittance within 7-10 days.

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