Customize your Storefront

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We understand that every brand is special and unique. To help you convey your brand story and differentiate it from other stores, Smartbiz offers you multiple ways to customize your store’s appearance to reflect the brand accurately.

What’s on this page:

How can I customize my store’s appearance?

What are banners and how do I create them for my store?

How can I customize my store’s appearance?

  1. Go to ‘Profile’ tab on the home page and click on ‘Appearance’. You can make edits to your storefront appearance on this page. Alternately, you can edit your profile and click on ‘Go to Store Appearance’.
  2. Start by selecting a dark/ light mode for your store. The mode you select will depend on your brand color, logo, header and overall look and feel of the storefront.
  3. Smartbiz offers you 10+ theme colors for your store front! We suggest you play around with these colors and find the perfect fit for your storefront.
  4. Logo & Header: You can add photos from your gallery or click one and upload. Ensure that the images are as per the guidelines. We have pre-defined header options that you may chose to upload as your header. You can remove or change the logo and headers at a later point in time.
  5. We recommend you write a store description that conveys your brand’s unique story. This will help your customers personally connect with the brand. You can tell customers about how you started the brand or the kind of products you sell and why they're special. However, keep the description short, sweet and under 180 characters.


  1. Ensure that you upload a high-quality image no larger than 50 MB.
  2. For logo, minimum size should be 180 px * 180 px. Preferably, logo should have a white background so that it is distinctively visible to customers.
  3. Header image width should be a minimum of 540 px.
  4. While uploading header and logo, be mindful that they do not camouflage/ blend and distinctively visible.

Note: Make sure to save your changes and then click ‘Preview’ to see how your store will appear to customers. You can play around with the store customization features until you’ve created your ideal store!

What are Banners and how do I create them for my store?

You can add multiple banners to your storefront highlighting current promotions, new product launches or any other announcement you would like your customers to know. Banners have prominent visibility on your store and are a great way to increase conversion.

  1. Click on ‘Create Banner’ in the Banners section. You can either upload an image from your device or use one of our preset options. Ensure that the minimum width of the banner is 1200 px. 
  2. Next, add a title for your banner. Example, if you are opening an offline store in a new location, you can share the location on your store banner.
  3. You can edit and delete banners that are no longer important.
  4. Once you have made changes, click on ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of the page.

Note: You can create upto 6 banners and they will be visible to customers on your storefront in the sequence that you create them. You cannot drag and drop them to change their order.

Here are a few of our personal favorite storefronts to inspire you to create a beautiful storefront of your own!