OMS on Desktop

  • Updated

You can now manage your orders from the desktop SmartBiz app. Open the URL and login with your SmartBiz credentials. You can either create standalone products or variants.


We will cover the following topics in this article:

Review Orders

To review orders, click on the orders tab on the left navigation menu and you will be able to see all order history (including All, pending, Accepted, Shipped, Delivered, Cancelled and rejected).


Manage Orders- Accept, Ship and Reject

  1. To accept or reject new orders, click on Pending tab on the header. You can also accept or reject orders using the action buttons on the Pending orders tab.

Ship Orders:

  1. You can ship your accepted orders from the “Accepted Orders” tab or from the order details page.

2.You get 3 options to ship your orders:

  1. Self-ship: where your staff or local delivery person will go deliver the order.

   2.Third Party courier service: where you use your 3P courier partner (like DTDC, Delhivery, etc.) to deliver the order.

3.ShipRocket: where you can use SmartBiz’s shipping partner SHiprocket which offers 20+ courier companies at competitive rates.


Shipping orders via Shiprocket;

  1. Add package details- weight and dimensions.

2.Select courier partner basis your requirements.

3.Confirm order. Download shipping label and generate manifest.

Reject Orders;

  • You can cancel/reject orders from the accepted orders page or from the order details.