Ship with Shiprocket

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If you wish to deliver a product using Shiprocket, you should first set up your Shiprocket account.

To select a courier partner on Shiprocket, you will need to complete three simple steps:

  1. Select a pick up address: You can select a pick up address from a dropdown menu. If you want to select a pick up address other than those mentioned in the dropdown, you will first need to add the address on Shiprocket website. Follow the steps mentioned in this article.
  2. Enter packet details: Enter the packet weight and dimensions. Note: Minimum weight that can be entered is 0.5kg and minimum dimensions should be greater than 0.5 cm. 
  3. Select a courier partner: Depending on your parcel dimensions and delivery pick up/ drop pin codes, you will be shown a list of courier partners. You can select a courier partner depending on your budget and the carrier's rating. 

Once the above steps are completed, you will be able to view the pick up date and download the shipping label. The courier partner will get in touch with you to confirm the pickup slot.

Note: Carriers bill their shipment at a minimum chargeable weight of 0.5 kg or dead weight (either dead weight or volumetric dimensions whichever is higher).