Create custom collections

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You can create custom collections that will allow your customers to purchase from a curated range of products in your catalog. For example, you can create festive-specific collections for Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Valentines etc. or collections relevant for your business such as 'printed T-shirts', 'baggy T-shirts' if you sell apparel. In this article, we will cover

     A. How to create and edit a custom collection

     B. Spotlighting a collection

A. How to create and edit a custom collection 

1. Login to your SmartBiz account and navigate to 'Catalog'.

2. Click on the 'Add New Collection' under the 'Collections' card. 

3. Update image, name and description for the collection. While description and image are optional, we recommend that you add these to provide customers a seamless  experience on your storefront.

4. Next, add products to your collection and save the collection. Please note that you can add products later as well. Products can be added from the collection or directly by navigating to the product and selecting the 3 dots at the top right corner.

5. You can edit the collection anytime by navigating to the collection and selecting 'Edit Collection' to change collection details or products added. 

6. Once you've added products to your collection, you can go ahead and share it with your customers. By clicking on the link, customers will land on the curated list of products within your collection.

Note: If you wish to temporarily hide the collection from your store, switch on the 'Hide from Store' toggle and reset it once you want to display the collection again.

B. Spotlighting a collection 

If you want to highlight a collection as soon as customers land on your storefront, you can do so by clicking on the three dots in the collection and selecting 'Spotlight on homepage'. This will replace your storefront header with the spotlighted collection.


Note: that you can spotlight only one collection at a time. If you wish to replace the spotlight from an existing collection, you will need to remove the spotlight from the existing collection and add it to the new collection.