Create Custom Category for your Products

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Product categories are used to list similar products in your catalog in one group. You can choose a pre existing list of category names or add your own.Custom Category allows you to create your 'product category' depending on the type of products you sell on your online store. For the custom category,  you can add/edit name an image of the categories as well as include a description.

How to create and edit a custom category on Seller App

1. Login to your SmartBiz account and navigate to 'Catalog'.

2. Click on 'Categories' and then go to 'Add new category'.

3. Add details for the new category - Category Image (from your photo gallery), Category Name (eg. Silver Earrings), Description and Business Category.

4. After updating all the details, click on "Create Category".

5. You now click on "Add New Category" and add more categories.


Note: While Adding a new product from Catalog > Product > if you select the product category, product will be created in the selected category.

If you select "Add New Product Category" while Adding a new product from Catalog, it will create new category first and then products will be added to the newly created category.

How to create a custom category on Desktop

1. Login to your SmartBiz account and navigate to 'Catalog'.
2. Click on "Add New Product" > Add product Images (Max 6), Product Name, Description (Optional), MRP, Selling Price, Business Category, Product Category, Quantity and the units.
3. In the Product Category > Select the available Category from the drop down or you can click on "Add a new category" > Name the Category (Max 30 characters) > Add Category.
4. Click on Add.

Note: If a selected Business category has only one product category, that product category will be selected by default.

How to create a custom category via bulk upload

You can now create custom categories via bulk upload. For any product, choose a business category from the dropdown and then proceed on to the next column to add a product category.

Product category is a mandatory field (free text). Accurate Product Category is necessary to distinguish products in your catalog. Within each business category, you should enter the most relevant product category in order to enable customers to easily navigate your store. If a new product category name is entered in this field, a new category with that name will be created and products will be added to it.

However, if the name of an already existing category is typed here, the product will be added to the existing category.

Note: Please remember not to create product categories with the same name in different business categories. E.g: Gold earrings, Trousers.


1. Why do I see an error while adding/editing products in catalog?

Please update the  SmartBiz app in order to experience a smooth cataloguing experience.

2. Why cant I edit the business category in the edit category page?

Currently, we do not allow editing of the business category once it is set for a particular product category.

3. I have added my products to a wrong product category. Can I shift all my products to another product category?

Yes, you can change the category of the products via seller app or desktop through the update product page. You can also edit the category of all products in one go through bulk edit excel sheet.
4. I already have my products listed in various pre-existing categories. Can I change the categories for those products?

Yes, you can edit the name and image of all pre-existing categories that already have products listed in them.

5. Can I edit category names, images and description etc. on desktop?

Currently, we do not offer these features on desktop. Editing category names, images and description can be done on seller app.