Marketing Automation

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You can effortlessly target and nudge customers who have visited your SmartBiz website to complete their purchase by setting up a Whatsapp marketing automation in a few simple steps. This will help you recover abandoned carts and drop-offs from Product details page, payments etc.

Not only can you select from a range of curated message templates or make your own template but also schedule these messages on Whatsapp as per your preference.

Please note that this is a paid service and you will need a spare postpaid mobile number to set up your WhatsApp Business account with our service provider, Gupshup Technology. Refer our FAQs section for more details.

In this article, we will cover:

  1. How to set up Whatsapp business account on SmartBiz?
  2. Who can I target with this feature?
  3. How to create targeting campaigns?
  4. Track campaign performance
  5. Billing FAQs
  6. Other FAQs

How to set up WhatsApp business account on SmartBiz?

  1. Log in to your account and go to your profile.
  2. Select 'Messaging Campaign' from the profile menu.
  3. Select 'Setup WhatsApp Business Account' from the options.
  4. Click 'Got it, Continue' to proceed with the setup.
  5. You will be re-directed to our service provider, Gupshup's page -
  6. Click on 'Continue with Facebook'.
  7. You will be re-directed to, where you can complete the on-boarding steps.
  8. After completing the on-boarding steps, you will see a success message 'WABA created successfully'.
  9. Come back to Smartbiz App and wait for 5 seconds and you setup is complete

Who can I target with this feature?

You can target customers who have visited your website but did not make a purchase. Depending on the actions performed by the customer, you can select from one of the following campaigns-

  • Payment Abandonment: Target customers who have initiated checkout but not completed payment.
  • Cart Abandonment: Target customers who dropped off after adding products to their cart.
  • Product Abandonment: Target customers who have browsed specific products on your website.
  • Store Abandonment: Target customers who have visited your store and not clicked on any product.


Pro-tip: You have the highest chance of converting customers who have initiated checkout or added products to their cart. To convert customers who have browsed products or simply visited your store, you can offer discounts or share your best selling collection to entice these customers.

How to create targeting campaigns?

  1. Choose the desired automation (e.g., Payment Abandon, Cart Abandonment, Product Abandonment, Store Abandonment). You can activate more than 1 campaign at a time.
  2. Click on 'Start Campaign' or 'Customize Campaign' > 'Set Delay' (e.g., 1 Day).
  3. Customize or select a template.
  4. Add necessary details (e.g., Discount coupon, Button Action, URL).
  5. Click on Done/Save to finalize.

Track campaign performance

You can track the performance of your campaigns at an overall level as well as at a campaign-level

  • Total messages sent: 250 messages sent on 'Cart Abandonment' campaign indicates that 250 customers dropped off after adding products post activating the campaign. 
  • Messages viewed by customers: Tracks the number of recipients who have viewed the message on WhatsApp.

Billing FAQs

1. Where can I check the estimated bill?
- To check the estimated bill, go to Profile > Messaging campaign > Estimated Bill.

2. How will I be billed?
- Invoicing will be facilitated through our authorized service provider,, and sent to you from

3. When will I receive my monthly bill?
- Your monthly bill will be sent to you in the first week of each month on the 5th of each month. The last day of payment will around 15th of each month and will be specified in the invoice. Bill should be paid by 15th of each month.

4. What is the monthly message limit and the charges if I use the WhatsApp/Messaging Campaign?
- After you setup your WABA account, first 500 messages are on us! (Yayy!). Post that, you will be charged at INR 0.8 per message. You can control the number of messages you want to send in month based on your needs. The default message limit is set at 1,000 messages.

5. What if I don't pay the bill before the last date of payment?

- If you fail to pay the bill on time, your account will be deactivated. Your active campaigns will be paused and you will not be able to setup new campaigns as well. Once you settle the bill with Gupshup, you account will be reactivated in 24-48 hours.

6. If I don't want to use the feature anymore, how can I disconnect my mobile number from the WABA account.

- To disconnect the WhatsApp Business Account from you mobile number, you can raise a request to us and we will coordinate with our service provider, Gupshup. Disconnect request may take upto 5 working days.

7. How can I brand the WhatsApp business account with my brand name and green tick.

- You can do that using Facebook Business Manager and following the steps as mentioned below:

7.1: Log in to and then click the blue button in the top

Please note : You need to be logged out of before opening

7.2: Enter the below details to proceed to the next step

- Your business name
- Your name
- Business email address you want to use to manage your
- Facebook Business Manager account.

7.3: Submit your business details:

- Address

- Phone number

- Website url

Next, Please check your email for a message with the subject line “Confirm your business email.

Within this message and click “Confirm Now”.

Other FAQs

1. Can I resume a campaign which I ended?

- No, once a campaign is ended, it cannot be resumed. You need to start a new one. However, you can pause a campaign and resume it later if desired.

2. Where can I check the number of messages sent?

- To check the number of messages sent, go to Profile > Messaging campaign > Messages Used. You'll find usage details and a breakdown of messages used for active campaigns.

3. What are the automated campaigns that I can activate through this WABA feature?
- Automated campaigns include Payment Abandonment, Cart Abandonment, Product Abandonment, and Store Abandonment.

8. How can I activate an automated campaign?
- To activate a campaign, select the desired automation, set the delay, customize the template, add necessary details, and save.

4. What is 'Set Delay' or 'Wait For' duration under 'Customize Campaign'?
- 'Set Delay' determines the time after which an automated message will be triggered to a buyer, with options like 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, or 1 day.