Sync your products from your SmartBiz by Amazon website to Meta catalogue

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As per Meta, the catalogue is a container that holds information about the items that you want to advertise or sell across Facebook and Instagram. The platform to create and manage your catalogue is Commerce Manager. With an updated Catalogue Manager, you will be able to take advantage of various ad formats like Collection Ads, Carousel Ads and more importantly, Meta Advantage+ Catalogue Ads.
By syncing your SmartBiz by Amazon website’s catalog with Meta, all your product details such as title, description, images, availability and more will be up to date on your Meta Catalogue.

Before you begin: You will need to complete setting up Meta Pixel on your SmartBiz by Amazon website


A. Create a Data Feed of your SmartBiz by Amazon

  • Open the SmartBiz by Amazon web-app

  • Go to Performance Marketing and click on Meta

  • Scroll down to the Setup Catalog Sync with Meta

  • Click on ‘Generate link’ and copy your data feed link.


B. Connect your data feed with Meta Catalogue

  • Create a catalogue in Meta Commerce Manager. Note: Choose e-commerce and in the configure settings page, select upload product info, update the catalogue name and click create.

  • Next, go to data sources in your catalogue, select data feed and click next.


  • Paste your data feed URL from the previous section in the URL box and click next.


  • Set the default currency to INR and set a data feed schedule basis how frequently you update your catalog on the website. We recommend setting it to daily if you update your catalog frequently and weekly if you’re not likely to update your catalog often.


  • Click upload and wait for your catalog to be updated. It typically takes 2-10 mins based on the size of your catalog for it to get updated.

  • You can always choose to update your catalogue on Commerce Manager manually by visiting the data sources section and clicking “Request Update”



1. My data feed link in not getting generated?

 Sometimes it can take up to couple of minutes for your link to get generated. We recommend reopening the Performance Marketing section by going back to home. If this still doesn’t work, please try refreshing the web app after 10 mins.

2. How much time does it take for any catalog changes to be updated on my data feed?
Any changes you make to your catalog on the SmartBiz by Amazon mobile or web app gets updated within a couple of minutes. Your changes should reflect on your Meta catalogue basis the sync frequency you’ve set. If you want your changes to immediately reflect on your Meta catalogue, we recommend requesting an update in the data sources section on Commerce Manager.