Customer Returns

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Now you can set up returns on your Smartbiz store in a few simple steps.

To set up returns on your store, you need to – a) activate returns on your store, b) set up your return window and return fee and c) design your store policy and add FAQs.


  1. To get started, go to ‘Returns’ in the ‘Profile’ section of the Mobile app.
  2. For new users, Click  ‘Enable Returns on Store’.
  3. For existing users, click on the toggle button  ‘Accept Returns on Store’ to enable returns on your website. You can use the toggle button to ‘disable’ returns anytime.
  4. Once you have enabled returns, you can define the ‘return window’ (number of days upto which your customers can return products) and return fee (if you wish to charge a fee for returning products).
  5. You can then define the reasons that your customers can select while creating a return request. You can edit these to create custom reasons for your website. Click ‘Save’ once you have finished making the changes.
  6. You can edit the return window, fee or reasons at any time by clicking on ‘configure return settings’ in the returns page. Please note that while new settings will be visible to your customers immediately, the return window applicable will be as per the window when the order was place. This means, if return window was 10 days when the order was placed but has been changed to 5 days when a customer is creating the return request, then the customer will see a return eligibility of 10 days for that order.
  7. Once you have defined the return settings, you can review the default return policy and edit/update it as per your requirements.
  8. Subsequently, you can add and/or edit FAQs related to returns for your store. Default FAQs can be modified or deleted as per your choice.
  9. You can preview the store policy by clicking on the ‘store preview’ button on the top right of the mobile screen.
  10. You can edit the return policy and FAQs by clicking on the same from the returns page.
  11. Now you have completed the set up for ‘returns’ on your store and customers will be able to raise return requests from their store once an order is delivered.
  12. Please note that customers can raise only one return request per order and you can view the ‘return requests’ from the returns page.
  13. Your customers can go to ‘My Orders’ on the website and raise return requests from there as the return window by selecting the reasons that you have created for your website.
  14. You will receive a push notification on your mobile when customers raise a new return request.
  15. Once you receive a new return request, you can view the details by clicking on the return request. Now you can see the details of which items have been requested for returns and the reasons selected by the customer.
  16. You can reach out to customers via Whatsapp to contact them by clicking on ‘Message on Whatsapp’ and ask them to share photographs of the products to validate the reason and approve the return requests.
  17. Once you have received adequate proof from customers, you can ‘approve’ or ‘reject’ a request at this stage. If the return request meets with your guidelines then you can accept it or if the customer has violated any policy, you can reject it and share details of why you are rejecting the request.

Note:  You need to accept or reject the request for all items in a request to process it and then click on ‘confirm’. Your customers will receive details of acceptance or rejected via Whatsapp.


  1. You can now arrange for ‘reverse pick up’ of the products using your carrier or ask your customers to ship the product to your store.
  2. Once you receive the products physically, you can inspect them and if the condition is good then issue a refund using the Razorpay or Pinelabs dashboard[MOU1] .
  3. You can then click on ‘return processed’ to complete the return request and so that your customers are notified that you have received the product and issued the refund.
  4. If you have not received the product or the request has been cancelled, you can click on ‘cancel return’ instead of return processed.
  5. Returns Dashboard: To process returns easily, you can click on ‘return requests’ under the returns home page. You will then see the dashboard with requests at different stages: Pending, Approved, Accepted and Rejected and All. You can use these tabs on the top to filter and take specific actions -
    • Pending: Under ‘pending’, you can see all new requests which are pending your review. You can click on each request, view the items that have been requested for return and approve/reject them accordingly.
    • Approved: The items that you have accepted for return requests for an order will be visible here. You can reach out to the customers and arrange for reverse shipment of these products. Once you receive the products, you can inspect and issue refunds to move the corresponding items to ‘completed’ stage.
    • Completed: Here you can see all the items where you have completed processing the return requests.
    • Rejected: You can also view items for which you have rejected the return requests along with the reason code for rejection.




 [MOU1]Do we have an article for how to issue refunds? We should link that here for reference.